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Owning a home is more than just having a set of keys; it’s about creating memories, building a foundation, and establishing a sanctuary that reflects your unique style. National Home Owners Day is the perfect time to reflect on the significance of this achievement and to appreciate the comfort and security that home brings to our lives. (more…)

How To Heat That One Colder Room

Despite having energy-efficient and well-heated homes, it’s not uncommon to encounter a single room that remains cooler than the rest of the house. While using a space heater is one potential solution, it might not be the most energy-efficient choice. Explore the following ‘Handy’ alternatives for efficiently heating that particular room.

4 Steps To Fix A Clogged Bathtub Drain

What To Do If a Slow-Moving Drain Is Turning Your Shower into a Bath

Do you find yourself standing in an inch or two of water after you’ve been in the shower for two or three minutes? A slow-moving drain can turn your shower into a bath. Water backing up like this in the shower is caused by a clogged drain. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it is usually easy to fix and it’s something you could do yourself. We’ll give you the steps you need to follow to clear the shower drain. (more…)

How To Keep This Season Merry And Bright

There’s truly nothing quite like the enchanting twinkle of Christmas lights. Imagine strolling through the snow on a crisp wintry evening, greeted by the warm glow of Christmas trees adorning homes, casting a magical ambiance that fills the air with festive joy.

Cold Spots In Your Home? Do This…

Do you ever find yourself needing a sweater in one room and just a t-shirt in another? Or perhaps you’ve noticed certain areas in your home feeling chillier than the rest? These common occurrences, known as “cold spots,” can be especially bothersome during cooler seasons, but they might persist year-round in some instances. (more…)

How To Have A Happy Holiday With No Plumbing Headaches

Preparing to welcome family and friends into your home for the holidays? It’s wonderful to share the festive season with loved ones, but ensuring a smoothly running household is key to preserving the holiday cheer. To help you navigate this bustling time, we’ve compiled proactive tips focused on maintaining your home’s plumbing in tip-top condition throughout this holiday season. (more…)

4 Ways to Protect Yourself From Power Surges

A power surge is a burst of electrical energy that travels through our cords and wires, posing a potential threat to our electrical devices. It can result in immediate damage, frying them on the spot, or gradually diminish their lifespan over time (more…)

How You Can Tell If You Need A Water Softener

Water quality can vary, with some areas having soft water while others contend with hard water. Unaddressed hard water can lead to unsightly stains on your fixtures or leave your skin feeling dry and itchy after showering. In this ‘Handy’ guide, we’ll explore key factors to consider in determining whether a water softener is a necessary addition to your home. (more…)