Are You Aware Of What Lurks Within Your Walls?

You upgrade your TV from time to time. You upgrade your phone from time to time. You upgrade your car from time to time.

But when was the last time you even looked at the wires inside your walls and considered whether they needed to be upgraded? Just as technology evolves, so too do the electrical systems in our homes. It’s worth taking a moment to ensure they’re keeping pace with the demands of modern living. (more…)

Want To Stay Cool This Summer? Check Out These Quick Tips

When summer days get hotter, air conditioning can be a lifesaver! It feels great to escape the heat and cool down in the comfort of your home. At least, it does until the first skyrocketing energy bill arrives. Then things really heat up! How can you keep your house cool while saving money on the cost of cooling it? We’ve consulted with our energy experts and HVAC technicians and found seven ‘Handy’ tips to help you stay cool and save money on air conditioning. (more…)

Read This Before Adding A Bathroom To Your Basement

When it comes to your home, it’s always worth considering how you can maximize the available space. One option you might consider is installing a bathroom in your basement. Whether or not this is practical depends on a few factors. (more…)

What You Should Know About Drain Backups

Drain backups occur when there is a blockage in the sewer mains. Over time, this can cause an overflow that can be unpleasant, damaging, and potentially harmful to health if not dealt with. Here are key factors to consider when tackling drain backups. (more…)

Hybrid or EV: Which Is Right for You?

Are you torn between the decision to choose a hybrid or electric vehicle (EV)? Making the choice can be stressful, especially when considering charging infrastructure. Let’s break down the essentials to help you make an informed decision. (more…)

Plumbing Repairs Best Left To A Professional

As the cost of living affects people everywhere, it can be tempting to try and take on “Do It Yourself” projects. Some plumbing jobs are fine to take on yourself and will save you from making unnecessary callouts. When it comes to your toilet, however, there are some jobs you can do yourself and some that are best left to a professional. (more…)

How to Detect a Carbon Monoxide Leak in Your Home

Will a Carbon Monoxide Detector Detect a Natural Gas Leak?

While it’s great that you’ve installed carbon monoxide detectors in your home, it’s important to understand their functionality. A common question is whether a carbon monoxide detector will also detect a natural gas leak. The answer is no, and here’s why.

Should You Replace Cast Iron Pipes?

New homeowners of older houses often find themselves alarmed when they notice a persistent smell of sewer gas indoors. Upon calling a plumber for inspection, they may receive the daunting news: ‘You need to replace the old cast iron drain/sewer line underneath the cement slab your house is built on.’ This repair can indeed be a costly undertaking. (more…)