Ductless HVAC Systems in Harrisburg, PA

Homeowners are always on the lookout for new and improved ways to heat and cool their homes throughout the year. Whether they’re looking for more efficient options for their entire house or have a new addition to their property that’s not connected to the existing ductwork, finding a way to enhance the comfort of that space is vital.

Fortunately, ductless HVAC systems in Harrisburg, PA, from Handyside Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical can help!

If you are looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution to heating and cooling your home, ductless HVAC systems might be the solution for you. In addition, a ductless mini split system is an excellent option for patio rooms and other spaces that struggle to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature.

Ductless mini split heating and cooling systems are becoming increasingly popular because of their customizable comfort. It gives you the control to change the individual room’s temperature rather than the entire house.

Another benefit is its efficiency; a ductless system uses very little energy, which can help save on your utilities. So when you need new ductless HVAC systems in Harrisburg, PA, Handyside is ready to get your home back up and running quickly!

Mitsubishi Ductless Heating & Cooling

The Areas We Serve

When you need a new mini split AC system, having a trusted team you can call is more important than ever. So not only have we installed ductless HVAC systems in Harrisburg, PA, but we have also served the neighboring communities!

Our mini split service technicians can help customers throughout the area, including the following PA communities:

  • New Cumberland
  • Mechanicsburg
  • Carlisle
  • Etters
  • Camp Hill
  • Cumberland County
  • York County
  • And More!
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Mini Split Installation Specialists

While there are many HVAC companies out there vying for your attention, not all of them can handle mini split installation with ease. Knowing you have a company you can call that knows how to properly size and install a mini split AC system can help take a load off your mind.

Whether you’re looking for a whole house mini split heating and cooling system or looking to enhance the atmosphere of a specific room, you need to ensure you’re getting a system that can handle the demand.

If you have a system installed that’s too big or small, it can lead to inefficiency that negatively affects everything from your indoor air quality to overall energy consumption.

How Do I Get an Appropriately Sized Ductless HVAC System in Harrisburg, PA?

One of the most important aspects of a ductless HVAC system remains to get the right sized unit for your space. In some instances, improperly sized ductless mini splits can’t handle the demands of your home. One unit designed for individual rooms can differ significantly from one that heats and cools your entire property.

Finding a mini split service that understands the unique needs of different-sized properties can help significantly improve the quality of your living space in no time.

We’ll come out to your property, examine your entire space, and determine the size requirements for your new ductless heating and cooling system.

You can trust us to perform a professional installation that improves your home’s atmosphere and requires minimal maintenance.

Trustworthy Mini Split Repair Services

If you’ve had a ductless HVAC system in Harrisburg, PA, installed for years and have noticed some irregularities with your system, it could be time to get mini split repair services. Mini split systems can last upwards of 20 years when they’re well-maintained.

Having a trusted mini split repair company on your side can help ensure your system can withstand consistent wear and tear.

Signs You Need Ductless Mini Split Systems Repair

Before you can get our repair specialists out to take care of your mini split, you need to know there’s a problem in the first place. Fortunately, there are some clear-cut signs you can keep an eye out for that will let you know that there is a problem with your system.

Here are the most common signs that your ductless heating and cooling system needs some help include the following:

It’s Leaking Fluids

The system runs smoothly and efficiently when your mini split works at its best. The unit should never have any signs of leaking refrigerant or other fluids. If you have indoor and outdoor units and you notice that your system has started leaking, don’t push off making a call to the Handyside team!

Noticeable Ice Buildup

If you notice that there’s ice buildup on your cooling system during the summer, it’s not as harmless as you may think. Noticeable ice buildup on your mini split often points to an issue with your evaporator coil that needs to be addressed to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible.

Higher Than Usual Energy Bills

When your ductless mini split system works as intended, it’s an extremely energy-efficient alternative to traditional ducted systems. However, if there’s an underlying problem within your ductless mini split, it can drive your energy bills through the roof.

If you notice that you have started making higher payments, it could be time to get your ductless AC system checked out by the best in the area and experience the energy savings you’ve been looking for.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems From the Best

Putting your home’s comfort into the hands of a ductless air conditioner expert can help ensure your indoor atmosphere is as comfortable as possible. Instead of watching your new room additions suffer from inconsistent temperatures, let our team take care of your unconditioned space without installing distribution ductwork that rips up the rest of your property.

No need to fret about your heating and cooling needs ever again! We’ll get your home the ductless HVAC system in Harrisburg, PA, that you’ve always wanted and watch you embrace your new heating and cooling systems for years to come!

Get an Estimate on Your New Ductless Mini Split System Today

No matter if you’re looking for mini split systems for specific rooms or want to get yours checked out by the best repair professionals in the Greater Harrisburg area, we have you covered. We are Mitsubishi Diamond professionals. Our service area covers New Cumberland, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Harrisburg, Etters, Camp Hill, Cumberland County, and York County, PA. You can also learn more about AC repair and AC installation services and how we can help keep your home comfortable and cozy all year long!

If you are interested in going with energy efficient ductless mini split systems, Handyside is ready to help! So don’t wait another second — contact us or call our office at 717-204-4578 to get a FREE estimate on your next mini split system!

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