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handyside power solutions generatorsWhen those dark and stormy nights knock your power out, and the only light you have is a small flashlight, one of the things you wish you had invested in is a reliable standby generator. Having a backup generator at the ready will help offset the downtime when your home is without power, protect your food from spoiling, and ensure your whole house is well-lit in these situations. While you may think a portable generator is relatively easy to install, the experts at Handyside Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical can ensure it gets installed correctly and is ready for the next big storm.

Our team has become the trusted service provider for generator installation, repair, and maintenance in Harrisburg, PA, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in various solutions, including standby generators and portable generators, to ensure you never have to worry about a power outage again. We have worked with homeowners throughout the area to accurately size and install their new whole-house generator so they can be better prepared for the next big storm that rolls through the area. Contact us today so you can have power when you need it most.light bulbs

Generac backup generator.Understanding Standby Generators

A standby generator is a permanent installation that automatically provides backup power to your home or business during a power outage. These units usually operate on natural gas or propane and are connected to your electrical panel via an automatic transfer switch. Our team has extensive experience working on these standby generators and knows how to safely and effectively integrate them into your home’s electrical system. Whether you want enough backup power for just the essentials or to handle all of your electrical needs, we have you covered.

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Benefits of Portable Generators

Here are some key benefits of portable generators:

  • Versatility: Portable generators can be easily moved and provide power where you need it most.
  • Essential Appliance Support: They are ideal for powering essential appliances such as refrigerators, sump pumps, and even air conditioners during a power outage.
  • Remote Monitoring: With remote monitoring and load management, you can have peace of mind knowing that your backup power is under control, even when you’re away from home.
  • Cost-Effective: Portable generators are a cost-effective option for backup power compared to installing a whole-house generator.
  • Easy to Use: Most portable generators come with simple controls and easy start-up processes, making them user-friendly for anyone in your household.
  • Reliability: With regular maintenance and proper usage, portable generators can provide reliable backup power during emergencies or even when you’re camping or on the road.

While a portable generator is a great option, it requires manual operation and connection to your devices. We can help you install a more sustainable option to power your whole house, helping you protect your property, food, and investment from potential damage.

Choosing Between Natural Gas and Other Fuels

Selecting the right fuel source for your generator is crucial for its efficiency and reliability. Handyside offers a variety of options to suit your preferences and needs. Here, we’ll explore some of the fuel choices available:

Natural Gas

Natural gas is a clean and convenient fuel source for whole-home generators. It is directly connected to your home’s natural gas line, ensuring a continuous supply of fuel during extended power outages. With a home standby generator running on natural gas, you can enjoy a reliable and eco-friendly power source for your entire house.


Propane is a versatile fuel option for backup power. It is stored in a dedicated tank on your property, making it readily available when needed. Propane generators are known for their high power output and are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a reliable backup power solution.


Diesel generators are known for their durability and ability to provide power output for heavy-duty applications. They are a popular choice for homeowners with specific power needs or those in remote areas where other fuel sources may not be readily available.

Bi-Fuel (Dual-Fuel)

Bi-fuel generators combine the advantages of two fuel sources, typically natural gas and diesel or propane. This dual-fuel system offers flexibility and extended runtime during prolonged power outages, making it a popular choice for homeowners seeking reliable backup power.


While gasoline generators are portable and easy to use, they may not be the best choice for whole-home backup power due to limited fuel storage and shorter runtimes. However, they can serve as a temporary solution for powering essential appliances and devices.

Solar Generators with Battery Backup

Incorporating solar generators with battery backup into your backup power strategy can reduce your reliance on traditional fuel sources. Solar generators harness the power of the sun to charge batteries, providing eco-friendly and sustainable backup power for your home.

Propane/Natural Gas Hybrid

A propane/natural gas hybrid generator combines the benefits of both fuel sources. It offers the convenience of natural gas connection and the versatility of propane storage. This hybrid approach ensures you have a reliable and flexible backup power solution.

Whole House Generator Installation

A whole-house generator provides complete backup power coverage for your entire home. With a whole-house generator installation, you can maintain comfort and safety during power outages, operating everything from lights and HVAC systems to essential medical equipment. We’ll help determine what size whole house generator you need to install and ensure your existing electrical panel can integrate into the new generator.

Home Generator Installation Process

Our team will assess your power needs during a home generator installation to determine the right generator capacity. We’ll then install the unit, set up the transfer switch, and connect the generator to your natural gas line or other fuel source. Your new whole-house generator will be ready to protect your home during a storm and address your power needs even when the whole neighborhood goes down.

Standby Generator Maintenance

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your standby generator’s reliability when you need it most. Our standby generator maintenance services include regular inspections, oil and filter changes, and testing to ensure your generator is in optimal condition. We offer professional installation and can determine the right generator size for your specific power needs.

Standby Generator Repair

Despite regular maintenance, generators may occasionally require repairs. It’s essential to recognize the signs that your generator needs attention.

Signs Your Generator Needs Repair

  • Unusual noises or vibrations
  • Difficulty starting or frequent starting failures
  • Reduced power output
  • Fuel or oil leaks
  • Warning lights or error codes
  • Irregular maintenance history

If you notice any of these issues, our expert technicians are ready to diagnose and repair your generator promptly.

Backup Power for Peace of Mind

With a backup generator, you can rest easy knowing your home or business is protected from power outages. Whether you choose a home standby generator or a portable unit, you’ll have reliable backup power when needed. We’ll install your standby generator quickly, and you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing your new generators have you covered.

Learn More About Our Generator Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Services in Harrisburg, PA

Are you ready to safeguard your property with reliable backup power? Contact Handyside today for professional generator installation, repair, and maintenance in Harrisburg, PA. Our team is ready to help you choose the right generator for your needs and ensure it’s installed and maintained correctly. Don’t wait until the next power outage — reach out to us now and enjoy peace of mind with a reliable backup power solution!

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