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Ready to Upgrade Your Home’s Indoor Lighting?

Indoor lighting is limitless. Specific types of lighting will enhance the wants and needs of the homeowner. Determining what kind of light fixtures work best for your property can help you better illuminate your space, make it more energy efficient, and breathe new life into your room. When you know it’s time to upgrade your home’s interior lighting, the Handyside team is ready to help.

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Communal table and pendant lamps shown beside the exterior of a well lit home and garden.

What Types of Indoor Lighting Installation Can I Get?

For many homeowners, knowing what lighting works best for their space can go a long way toward completely changing how their space looks and feels. A new indoor light installation done by our professional light fixture installation specialists goes a long way toward giving you the home of your dreams. Here are some of the most popular light fixtures on the market:

Task Lighting

Task lighting is typically considered in workspaces where localized light is needed. These spaces can include home office space, kitchen counters, reading and craft areas, and even lighting over dining room tables. A new light fixture designed for these unique spaces can help boost your job productivity and mood and make your space complete.

Ambient Lighting

Have you walked into a room in your home and felt your entire mood drop? It could be due to the lack of lighting and overall drab feeling. Getting a light fixture installation that prioritizes creating a warm and inviting atmosphere can make a significant difference. Ambient lighting predicts the mood of the room. Whether it is a room of function or relaxation, ambient light can be achieved with a combination of natural light from the sun and moon along with artificial lighting.

Accent Lighting

Do you have specific areas in your home that you feel are true show-stopping features and want to do more to highlight them whenever you have guests over? Then, installing an accent light fixture can be the missing piece you need. Accent lighting is used to show off features within the home. This type of light expands the beauty of your home as well as the personality of the homeowner. Examples include highlighting a piece of artwork, portraits, or even a bookshelf with targeted light, which are very effective.

Outdoor Lighting Contractors in Harrisburg, PA

It’s not only your indoor lighting that could use both a power and wiring boost with a new light fixture. Your home’s outdoor lighting solutions can also benefit from new lights throughout your property. Our outdoor light fixture installation team can help address any area of your yard that needs illumination and ensure you have the proper wiring and outlets installed. These new light installations can help make your dreaded job of taking out the trash at night go much more smoothly.

Enhancing your home with outdoor lighting helps provide you, your family, and visitors safety. By strategically placing lights along walkways, around pools, decks, etc., you are first protecting yourself and others from slips and falls. A new outdoor light installation also helps decrease the chances of attempted burglaries in your home. A burglar will not want to be spotted, which makes outdoor lighting a no-brainer!

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Beautify Your Exterior With New Outdoor Lights

Not only does exterior lighting provide safety, but it also provides beauty to the exterior of your home. Shining a light on the landscape surrounding your home will highlight your unique tastes. Whether you are looking to achieve a look that brings you tranquility and calmness or want lights that enhance your backyard entertaining, we can help customize exterior lighting to fit your needs.

Complete Lighting Solutions

From selecting the right light bulbs to complete light fixture installation, we provide an end-to-end solution for all your lighting needs. We do not just install – we also offer advice on the best lighting solutions that suit your taste and budget.

Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting Solutions in Harrisburg, PA

We understand the need for energy efficient solutions in this era of rising utility costs. We provide you with the highest quality light fixtures on the market that not only enhance the ambiance of your property but also help you save on energy costs. We’ll ensure the lights are installed and integrated into your electrical system quickly and safely.

Professional Lighting Upgrades in Harrisburg, PA

Trust the professional electricians at Handyside to professionally upgrade and enhance your home’s lighting. We serve Etters, New Cumberland, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, and surrounding areas. Contact us to discuss your next lighting project today!

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