How Does a Geothermal HVAC System Work?

Geothermal works because the underground temperature is warmer than the outside air in winter and cooler than the outside air in summer.

By drilling a series of pipes into the ground, it allows the heating or cooling to be transferred to and from your home. No fuel is burned in this process because the heat is not being created, it is being transported. This makes geothermal, according to the EPA the most energy efficient, environmentally clean & cost-effective heating and cooling systems available.

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Geothermal Preventive Maintenance

Much like a car needs tuned-up after so many miles, so does your geothermal. Your geothermal works hard, so it is important to ensure it is being properly maintained. A annual cleaning and inspection before both the spring and fall seasons will help your equipment run a maximum efficiency, prevent untimely breakdowns, and helps extends the equipments life. Also, most factory warranties require annual maintenance to be covered.

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