Unlocking The Mystery Of Your Home’s Outlets

Outlets are common in nearly every home… but not all outlets are the same. Have you ever tried to plug something in, and it didn’t fit? For example, you have a three-pronged device, but your outlet only has two holes. Ever wonder why that is?


What To Do When The Power Goes Out

Electricity. It’s something you don’t often think about… until it’s not available to you. Then, you realize just how much you rely on electricity! When a big storm blows in and the lights start flickering and go out—suddenly, you’re not sure what to do!


5 Electrical Upgrades for Your Older Home

If you have an older home or are thinking about purchasing one, you may want to consider these five electrical issues:


Top Tips to Make Your Home’s Electricity Safer For Your Children

As we look forward to the blooming of Spring, it is often a time that we think about life, family, and what’s important to us. And if you have children, one of the things that is always important to parents is: your children’s safety.


5 Ways To Save Money On Your Power Bill

Your power bill can be pretty expensive, right? With all the other bills that arrive each month, you wonder if it will ever stop. We all need a break from the rising bills! Well, Handyside is here to help with some great tips and advice to lower your electrical power bill. (And the best part is, these tips are easy to implement and most of them can be done at little or no cost, so you can start saving money on your very next power bill!)


Electrical Outlet Not Working? Try This!

Has this ever happened to you?

You want to turn on the coffeemaker in the morning… only to press the button and not see any coffee being brewed! Or maybe you plug in your phone to charge but it never charges! (more…)