Winter is Coming, Is Your HVAC System Ready?

Fall is here… Winter is coming… will your home stay warm and cozy through it all? The key to a comfortable home during the changing seasons lies in a well-maintained HVAC system.  After all, you invested in a furnace or HVAC system, so the following article will help you maximize your investment! You can enjoy a warm, worry-free home throughout the fall and winter when you use our ‘Handy’ tips to maintain your HVAC system.


Tips To Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Your Home

You can’t see it. You can’t smell it. You can’t touch it. Carbon monoxide (CO), called the ‘silent killer,’ is a highly poisonous gas that is odorless and colorless and often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. It mixes with air and if breathed in, can cause brain damage or even death. The most common cause of a carbon monoxide outbreak in homes is an older furnace or appliance that is not burning the natural gas properly. Because of the high risk, every home with a gas furnace or gas appliances needs to have carbon monoxide detectors.


When Should You Get An HVAC Inspection

It’s important to understand that HVAC encompasses more than just air conditioning. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. All three components play a vital role in making your home or business a comfortable environment. Your property is likely equipped with a range of HVAC appliances, making it essential to stay mindful of when these systems require inspection and maintenance.


What Should Your A/C Be Set At This Summer?

Everyone seems to have an opinion on how low the indoor temperature should be during the summer when running the air conditioning.

While the standard room temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit is commonly favored by many, others argue for higher settings, particularly when it’s hotter outside. Recently, while inspecting a rented house, we saw that the tenant had set their air conditioning to a frigid 55 degrees! (more…)

3 Tips to Cooler Central Air Conditioning

Are you struggling with an inefficient central air conditioning system that fails to combat the scorching heat and maintain a cool indoor environment? When you set your thermostat to a comfortable 75 degrees, does your air conditioner struggle all day long to achieve that temperature? Fret not, as we have three “Handy” tips to enhance the performance of your central air conditioning system, and the best part is that two of them are do-it-yourself solutions! (more…)

Your HVAC System Needs A Spring Cleaning Too

Spring is a time for new beginnings. For many people, that means getting the yard prepped for approaching Summer picnics and deep interior cleaning. While working through your Spring cleaning checklist, remember your HVAC system! (more…)

How Windows Affect the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

During cold weather, HVAC systems can run efficiently, and you may not feel the need to open a window. However, when it’s hot or stuffy, people inevitably want to open a window in order to let the fresh air in. It’s important to be wary, as windows can affect the efficiency of your HVAC system.


6 Sounds You Don’t Want To Hear From Your Air Conditioning or Furnace

In the Spring, it’s surprising how quickly we adjust the thermostat; From giving us a little heat in the morning to take the chill out of the house, to switching on the air conditioning to combat the afternoon heat. Even if your furnace has been working well throughout the winter, if you start to hear one of these SIX sounds, you may have a problem and should contact your Handyside HVAC professionals before it turns into a large repair bill.