How to Detect a Carbon Monoxide Leak in Your Home

Will a Carbon Monoxide Detector Detect a Natural Gas Leak?

While it’s great that you’ve installed carbon monoxide detectors in your home, it’s important to understand their functionality. A common question is whether a carbon monoxide detector will also detect a natural gas leak. The answer is no, and here’s why.

Rethink Closing Furnace Vents

Are you in the habit of closing some furnace vents to channel more heat into the rooms where it’s most needed? Are you aiming to trim your heating expenses by selectively warming only the active areas of your house? (more…)

How to Save Money on your Heating Bill with a Ductless Mini-Split

Too Hot? Too Cold? What Is a Ductless Mini-Split and Why Might You Want One?

Say goodbye to being too hot or too cold at home! It’s 2024 and comfort is key in every corner of your house. HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technology focuses on indoor environmental comfort—ensuring the perfect temperatures and air quality year-round. (more…)

What You Should Know About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer an efficient solution for heating your home, operating in diverse ways depending on their type. Air source heat pumps, for instance, draw heat from outside your home, while ground source heat pumps utilize warmth from the soil or water surrounding your home. To determine if heat pumps align with your needs, consider the following factors. (more…)

Unwrap Year-Round Comfort

Join Our Membership Program this National Home Owners Day.

Owning a home is more than just having a set of keys; it’s about creating memories, building a foundation, and establishing a sanctuary that reflects your unique style. National Home Owners Day is the perfect time to reflect on the significance of this achievement and to appreciate the comfort and security that home brings to our lives. (more…)

How To Heat That One Colder Room

Despite having energy-efficient and well-heated homes, it’s not uncommon to encounter a single room that remains cooler than the rest of the house. While using a space heater is one potential solution, it might not be the most energy-efficient choice. Explore the following ‘Handy’ alternatives for efficiently heating that particular room.

Cold Spots In Your Home? Do This…

Do you ever find yourself needing a sweater in one room and just a t-shirt in another? Or perhaps you’ve noticed certain areas in your home feeling chillier than the rest? These common occurrences, known as “cold spots,” can be especially bothersome during cooler seasons, but they might persist year-round in some instances. (more…)

What You Should Know Before Buying A Whole Home Humidifier

Balancing Room Comfort with Whole Home Humidifiers

HVAC systems, while essential for maintaining indoor comfort, often face a common challenge: uneven room temperatures. You might find one room too warm in the summer or excessively cold in the winter. One effective solution to this problem is the use of a whole-home humidifier. (more…)